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From London To Syria, our projects have empowered the lives of thousands of
children and the communities in which they live

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Creating Lasting Global Impact & Empowering Local Communities

We stand with the world’s most vulnerable children and help to change lives in communities around the globe.Since we were established, we have grown rapidly and are now funding more than 20 projects in the UK, the Indian sub continent, Africa and the Middle East. As a small charity, we respond swiftly where we see a need and devise projects where help is needed most and where we perceive that lasting change can be created. All of our projects are well thought through in terms of local execution, logistics, efficient use of resources and align with our goals of creating sustainable change and empowerment within the communities that we assist.

Responsive, Alert & Needs Driven

Water scarcity, lack of education, child labour exploitation, refugee crises, natural disasters, poverty and political stability influence where we work.We work in neglected communities around the world, feeding forgotten and underserved individuals. So far, we’ve broughtimpactful change to countries around the globe – in Africa, Asia, Central and South America.


Where We Work


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