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What We Do

Join our global movement that empowers and transforms the lives of
children providing them with medical aid, education, shelter,
employment opportunities and the means for a better tomorrow.

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Building A Better Future For The World’s Poorest Children

Working with very small but effective teams and supporting other local charities, we respond where the need is greatest, whether that means providing food, medical aid, education, the means for employment and funding to the world’s poorest and most impoverished children, in pockets of the world that are often forgotten and overlooked. Unburdened by bureaucracy that large charities suffer from and armed with the vision to create lasting change, we’re able to respond quickly and effectively. We now fund more than 20 projects across the globe, making us a huge facilitator of grassroots development. Our unique model of working mean your donations will always go where they’re most needed and will create lasting change, empowerment and deliver the hope of a better tomorrow

Some Of The Many Projects That We Support Include:

  • Rehabilitation of street children
  • Income generation schemes for widows
  • Micro finance initiatives for cottage industries
  • Sponsoring medical treatment & Medical aid
  • Sponsoring education for those with special needs
  • Shelter for the homeless
  • Building orphanages
  • Creches for children with special needs


Where We Work


Where We Do