Media Link

					<!-- Dropdown for selecting the cause -->
<select id="causeSelect">
    <option value="603ffdcd5f1df21d24e69b34">MEALS ON WHEELS</option>
    <option value="603ffe675f1df21d24e69b35">MEALS ON WHEELS TRUCK</option>
    <!-- Add all other causes similarly -->
    <option value="603ea8b1d6a1351f60f2f2e4">COVID19 PACKS</option>

<!-- Input for entering the donation amount -->
<input type="number" id="donationAmount" placeholder="Enter your donation amount">

<!-- Button to trigger the donation action -->
<button id="donateNow">Donate Now</button>
					document.getElementById('donateNow').addEventListener('click', function() {
    // Capture the selected causeId from the dropdown
    var causeId = document.getElementById('causeSelect').value;

    // Capture the entered donation amount
    var amount = document.getElementById('donationAmount').value;

    // Construct the URL with the selected causeId and the entered amount
    // Note: The 'type' parameter is omitted as per your request
    var redirectUrl = `${causeId}&amount=${amount}`;

    // Redirect the user to the constructed URL
    window.location.href = redirectUrl;