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Save the lives of thousands of innocent children with this highly prevalent blood disorder in Pakistan

Health experts claim that approximately 5,000 children are diagnosed with thalassemia. Every year in Pakistan and it kills thousands of children merely because they can’t afford blood transfusions.

Poor children suffering from this blood disorder require a blood transfusion every month of their lives in addition to treatment for iron overload due to the excessive number of transfusions.


To provide blood transfusions


Fusion Pump


To pay for a hospital bed

Why Treating Is Essential

  • Thalassemia is one of Pakistan’s biggest killers of poor children and orphans
  • We can provide a ray of hope for poor children who cannot afford the cost for the treatment of this life-threatening disease
  • We can increase life expectancy and improvement in the quality of life for those inflicted by this daunting disease


Last year, thanks to your generosity you helped 84 thalassemia patients in Pakistan and sponsored their blood transfusions, who Alhamdulillah are all doing exceptionally well in their treatment.

With your ever generous support and donations, a fully equipped ambulance has since been provided for these beautiful children in need that facilitate transport to local hospitals and covers the cost of blood transfusions and rehabilitation.

We have also opened up four more thalassemia treatment wards located at Timargarrah, Bishaam, Upper Deer and Lower Deer, Swat. This has allowed us to extend our help and treat an additional 700 patients and reduce their time of travel for treatment.


Thalassemia is an inherited blood illness and each year 6,000 children in Pakistan are born with it. 70% of those children die before they reach their 10th birthday purely down to not having access to

Help us in our fight against Thalassemia this Ramadan by contributing towards blood transfusions, the cost of hospital beds and bone marrow transplants to help save lives and win Allah’s favour.

You may donate as per your means to sponsor an Orphans Thalassemia treatment in Pakistan or use the Quick Donate option to donate whatever amount you can towards saving the lives of innocents.


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