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Together we demand action at local, national and international level. We don’t walk away until we’ve achieved lasting change.

MASJID PROJECTS - 2021 & 2022

2020: In 2020 we have successfully completed 3 masjids in Pakistan in the area of Rahim Yar Khan and 1 masjid in Syria.

2021: with the grace of God We have built 7 masjids in Pakistan Masjid-e-Batool Rawalpindi, Masjid-e-Quba Jelium, Masjid-e-Mohammed Ali Rehim Yar Khan, Masjid 1937 Rahim Yar Khan, Masjid-e-Ali South Punjab Masjid-E-Mustapha Syria, Masjid-E-Faitima Gambia, and a Hostel for orphans in Iraq were 300 orphan children reside and a class of 70 local children study.

2022: After the huge success of our masjid projects in 2021 SAO had a great response in Ramadan 2021. SAO doners further donated twelve more masjids. Eight were built in the area of Rahim Yar Khan, one built in Swat near our Thalassemia ward, one in Upper Deer Swat, one built in La Moti Swat, one in Syria part of our Colony project where we are placing displaced families together.


The SAO 2021 vision project is based around the Islamic methods to deliver art and culture and humanitarian services which benefit orphans and disadvantaged families and communities delivering service elements such as, providing clean water, sanitation and medical services as well as food bank services where the less fortunate families can benefit by having three meals a day.

The SAO 2022 vision project is based around the Islamic methods to deliver art and culture and humanitarian services which benefit orphans and disadvantaged families and communities delivering service elements such as, providing clean water, sanitation and medical services as well as food bank services where the less fortunate families can benefit by having three meals a day.

WATER WELL PROJECT - 2021 & 2022

2020: We have successfully installed 5 water wells in Thar in Sind where 24% of people here are utilising water from unprotected sources. 2 water wells in Syria where a camp of 10,000 children & people now benefit from.

2021: Save an orphan has installed 7 water wells each well is installed with the masjid which thousands of people now have access to clean water.

Water well project 2022: In 2022 SAO has installed seven water wells. One in Syria, three in Sindh, one in Upper Deer Swat, one in Kohaat and one in Rahim Yar Khan. Each masjid which has been built by SAO in 2022 has also had water wells installed with it.

Water Filtration plant 2022: Two were installed in Sindh, two in Rahim Yar Khan. There is more need for water filtration plants to eliminate all water related diseases.


2020: All our hand pumps were installed in South Punjab where people live in areas with no water access over 300 were installed.

2021: All our hand pumps were installed in South Punjab 350 hand pumps were installed.

Hand pump project 2022: SAO has installed 300 handpumps across the region of Sindh and Rahim Yar Khan.

Super hand pump project 2022: In 2021 Ramadan SAO launched a new concept of super handpumps. This served the community three major purposes. A place to access clean water, a place of prayer and a place to rest. We have also seen great success as now the local community are using these areas to teach the local children how to read the Quran. SAO has installed 150 super handpumps across Sindh and Rahim Yar Khan.

FOOD BANK PROGRAMMES - 2020, 2021 & 2022

On-going in Pakistan & Syria

FOOD PACKS - 2023 & 2024

2024: 2024 Food Bank Programmes On-going in Gambia, Iraq, Syria & Pakistan.

2023: Food packs, care packs & winter packs were given by the thousands in Gambia, Iraq, syria, & Pakistain.

Hafiz-Ul-Quran 2022:

2021: This year 250 children have completed their Hifiz-ul-Quran.for the first time since 2016, 50 children have successfully completed there Hifiz in Syria which is a huge achievement well done to all the amazing children and you the save an orphan donor.

2022:This year SAO can proudly announce that 135 children have completed their Hifz-ul-Quran programme. One thousand children have entered into the Hifz-ul-Quran programme alongside the existing 2500 children that SAO supports across its education sector. SAO would also like to bring to your attention that three amazing young children managed to complete their entire Hifz in a space of a year.

MEALS ON WHEELS- 2021 & 2022

2020 & 2021: Save an orphan with the help of all its Donner successfully since Ramdan 2020 feeds up to 4000 people every week in Gambia, Iraq, syria, and Pakistain and have multiple food banks in each area we’re we work.

2022: This project has been a huge success. This food programme is global. We support Gaza Palestine, Gambia, Africa, Malawi, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and Yemen. This programme feeds over 6000 people every week as well as the hundreds of people who benefit from the food kitchens that have been built with every mosque.


We have treated over 5,000 patients in 2020, 2021 & 2022

Ummeed Medical Ward - HOPE!

After five years of hard work and effort by the SAO team and our generous donors, we have now successfully built and extended a medical ward for our Thalassemia patients. The current figure of the number of patients we treat has increased to six thousand. We have full faith that once the medical ward is fully functional, we will be treating children from other regions which will increase the number of patients who are treated on a yearly basis. SAO has also built a masjid adjacent to the medical ward. This will allow all hospital users and the Thalassemia patients to have a place to pray, free food to hospital patients and the local children to benefit with a full educational programme. Transportation has also been provided for the patients. Through your generous donations SAO has purchased two ambulances for the Thalassemia children.

Every Life is precious Children and Teenagers - 2020 & 2021

2020 & 2021: The aim of this support group is to make children realise that they are a gift and make them feel a part of something special that will enable them, their mindset, and giving them a sense of being valued as majority of children that turn to crime and violence

2022: Ongoing programme

2022 Every Life is Precious

2020 Every Life is Precious support group are for women who have suffered domestic violence & abuse as we know many women suffer, often at times their silence and their struggles lead to deprivation and oppression, to points where they end up taking their own life. We as a support group want to reach out to women who are suffering by providing help through professional councillors and psychologists and later offer these women group activities and opportunities to participate in vocational skill centres and courses to get normality back into their lives. Every Life is Precious wants to reach out to victims and help them in restoring their self-confidence and their value in society, ultimately showing them how special they are and the fact that they need not suffer in silence.

2022: Ongoing programme


Child Education project 2022: In 2021 SAO with the success of its masjid projects, have managed to educate approximately a further one thousand new children.


Winter pack project 2022: As we all know winter is a very harsh season especially for those who are less privileged, homeless, orphaned or who have no income to survive it. In 2022 SAO distributed over one thousand winter packs across Gaza, Syria and Pakistan. We also provided an increased our Wheels on Meals campaign to ensure that we outreach to as many less fortunate people as we can.

Qurbani project 2021/2022

Our SAO Qurbani project was distributed in Gaza, Malawi, Gambia, Pakistan and Syria. We also distributed Eid Meals in all of the areas that SAO work in.

SAO superstar donor:

SAO would like to announce that our longstanding and loyal donor Mrs Shaheen Masood from Huddersfield with the help of her friends, family and local community has launched Shaheen Masood fashion and textiles centre in Lahore. This will benefit single mothers to empower them to teach the skill of fashion and textiles. This has been a huge movement and will help SAO to become self-sufficient and sustainable. It will allow us to provide opportunities and paid work for the local community.

SAO Sustainability Programme:

We are happy to announce SAO has opened an agricultural livestock farm in Rahim Yar Khan. We breed sheep, goats and cattle. This is to expand the charity resources and become self-sufficient. This was a project we which will allow SAO doners, like they do every year to purchase their qurbani. Rather than SAO outsourcing, we are able to do this in house now which allows SAO donors a lot more for their money.

YEMEN - 2022

Yemen has suffered a hard fate when it comes to poverty and availability of necesities, An estimated 20.5 million people are without safe water and sanitation, and 19.9 million without adequate healthcare. As a result, Yemen has been grappling with mass outbreaks of preventable diseases, such as cholera, diphtheria, measles, and Dengue Fever. SAO focuses on supporting the community by provision of clean drinking water, food and education.

INDIA - 2022

Home to a number of the foremost ancient living civilizations, today’s India is that the world’s largest democracy and a rising economic powerhouse. however it’s grappling major social, economic and environmental problems, as well as an enormous gap between the rich and people living in financial condition. While there’s a lot of wealth in India than ever before, and vital progress has been created, it hasn’t totally translated into health care and nutrition, education or higher protection for all, particularly India’s most marginalized and disadvantaged kids.


Everyone dreams of a happy home filled with love and comfort where they feel safe and secure. Sadly, this is not the case for 1.6 billion people around the globe out of which there are 160 million children. Every year 3000000 children die who are homeless.

This year save an orphan will help build 130 homes and 2 masjids for people who have been affected by the flood that took place in 2013 in Pakistan and try our best to bring them some kind of normality, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT


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