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SAOG Supports The Bread For Syria Challenge

POSTED February 17, 2017

Bakeries are vital for the sustainable production of bread, and the damages they have sustained all over the country have affected thousands who relied on them to provide this essential food item.

Most of the bakeries in the town of Idlib have been out of commission since 2015 due to the intense bombardment by both the Syrian and Russian regimes. The town of Idlib saw a systematic denial of basic services like water and food shortages. Under the heavy toll of power cuts, fuel shortages and even flour, the town’s four bakeries were forced to either cease production completely or severely decrease it, while bread prices contined to soar.

The local authority in Idlib, with support of Save An Orphan Global, amongst other charities has taken up the task of rebuilding the bakery in a safe area and in an underground location to alleviate the town’s food crisis.

The project will take three months to complete and will transform the once destroyed structure to a facility capable of sustaining 1/10th of the town’s requirement of bread.


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SAOG Distributes Blankets To Refugees In Syria

POSTED December 21, 2016

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