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Through sponsoring the planting of fruit trees in villages In Pakistan you can help local communities to become sustainable, make the land more fertile and ensure that poor children have access to fruit for a more nutritious diet.

You can also provide much needed employment to poor women and children to grow saplings and then plant them and care for them, giving them a sense of ownership and responsibility for building a better tomorrow for themselves.

Why Planting Fruit Trees Is Essential

Help many of Paksitan's poorest people overcome the effects of malnutrition

Provide welcome shade to orphans and villagers from the harsh sun

Lift orphans out of poverty by allowing them to sell the fruit

Our Role

Save An Orphan Global has partnered with local communities to to turn this dream into reality. Working with our partners on the ground in Pakistani villages we will plant fruit trees that are is protected from animals and humans by wire-netting.

Volunteers in each village will ensure that the trees are regularly watered and that the tree enclosure is protected. Most trees will start producing fruit within four years, giving significant benefit to the local community within a fairly short time-period.

Once established the trees ensure a continuous supply of nutritious fruit for many years.. In spite of this, there are surprisingly few fruit trees in the villages of Pakistan. Reasons for this include a failure to project young saplings from hungry animals and lack of training in the need to water & fertilize young trees

This Ramadan, Make a Difference

You can help by purchasing fruit trees that will be given to the poorest Pakistani village communities. Help us lift villages out of poverty by giving them stocks of Fruit whose surplus that can be sold or traded for other essential items at local markets.

By sponsoring our tree appeal, you will give poor children, ladies and orphans a sense of self-worth; the trees will be owned and managed by local community groups or co-operatively by the village.

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