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This Ramadan, refugees and orphans in Syria need your help more than ever before. Five years of war have left them in the most pitiable condition without access to food, clean water, or health care.

Please help us rebuild the lives of your Muslim brothers and sisters in Syria. Over half the country’s population is in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. Hospitals, schools, water supplies and bread factories have been destroyed by heavy bombing. Hundreds of thousands have been killed and children have been left wounded and orphaned who desperately need your help.

Why Helping Helping Syrian Children is Essential

Millions of lives have been shattered by the devastating conflict and refugees are living without access to the most basic necessities

Syria’s children, many of whom are orphaned are paying the highest price and need your help and generosity the most.

We are offering a lifeline to exceptionally vulnerable children but we urgently need your help to do more.

Our Role

Every few months, Save An Orphan visits Syrian children at a refugee camps in Syria and Lebanon which allows us to witness first hand their heart wrenching plight.

The way their childhood has been taken away from them is heart breaking to see, and the depression and sadness and the emotional scars that such young innocent children will have to carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Last year, thanks to your generosity, we were able to distribute blankets, tents, food packs, first aid kits, clothes and books to poor children and their families. Wherever they go, our volunteers try to show as much love and compassion to refugee children as they can.

This year, we want to spread our reach even further with the help of our other charity partners.

Help us distribute even more blankets, clothes and food supplies as well as access to safe, clean water, rebuilding of flour mills and bread factories and vital healthcare for women and children.

This Ramadan, Make A Difference

The prospects for the future for Syrian refugees remains bleak. Their country lies in ruins, local infrastructure is shattered by the devastating conflict and they are living a hand to mouth existence

Whilst the plight of all of Syria’s refugees is heartbreaking and pitiable, Syria’s children are paying the highest price and need your help and generosity the most.

Not only do they lack access to clean water, nutritious food, shelter, education and healthcare, their childhoods have been devastated by trauma that will take years to heal. Please donate in whatever way you can to help us save lives and give victims of the war new hope.

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