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Thousands of children die every day in Pakistan, Syria and Iraq because they don’t have access to one of the most basic necessities that we take for granted – clean water.

Dirty water related diseases such as diarrhoea are one of the biggest causes of death for children in the countries that we support. Every day, more than hundreds of children die from preventable diseases caused by poor water, and a lack of sanitation and hygiene.

Why Clean Water Is Essential

A lack of clean water, leading to dehydration kills thousands of children every day.

Clean water saves lives; not just through sanitation and hydration, but also with medical treatments.

Children are facing poor saniation without clean water, leading to the rapid spread of infectious diseases such as cholera.

Our Role

Last year thanks to your generosity, we installed 360 water pumps in Pakistan in South Punjab, Mirpur, Rawalpindi, Fata and also in Syria.

Water pumps were installed in village chowks and outside mosques and each pump supplies 15 people’s clean water needs. The work we do means that families have access to clean water and that young children don’t have to spend hours collecting water each day, allowing them to go to school, work or look after their families.

Lack of clean water doesn’t just kill, it also has an impact on education. Children in particular girls – often miss out on going to school because have to walk for hours in the scorching heat to collect clea

Win Allah’s favour by sponsoring a water pump or a bore well so that children can gain access to one of the most basic necessities essential to their day to day survival.

Make a difference

Our work is not complete. For millions of orphans in Pakistan and Syria, getting clean water is not as simple as turning on a tap. They have to walk for miles to reach a water source and the water the

This year we want to install 500 water pumps in Pakistan, Syria & Gambia as well as deep bore wells and water purification plants. Please support us and win Allah’s favour by helping us provide for millions that are thirsty and desperate for clean water. Whether you want to buy a village a well, or invest in a hand waterpump, every donation will save lives.

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