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The masjid (mosque) is at the heart of the village communities that we support – providing places for villagers to pray, shelter from the heat and nurture their moral and spiritual development.

The mosques that we build also provide an institution of enlightenment for the Hafiz Ul Quran’s whose Islamic education we fund, with the generosity of our donors.

Why Mosques Are Essential

A place where poor children can fulfil their Islamic duties and obligations

A place where we can nurture poor children’s moral development

A place for poor children to shelter from the heat and benefit from clean water

Our Role

Last year, thanks to your generosity, we built three mosques in Rawalpindi, two in Lahore, one in Chakwal and one in Mirpur.

All the mosques that we built were fitted with air coolers, new Qurans and offer clean water to the faithful. We are delighted to announce that they are being actively used by the local communities that we support.

Along with building the mosques we have recruited highly learned maulvis (teachers) to teach the Quran to poor children and we have setup roti banks in the mosque compound to ensure that poor people are fed.

This Ramadan, Make A Difference

This year we want to build a further 20 mosques in Pakistan. Win Allah’s favour by building a mosque in your name your name or that of a loved one.

Be a part of our Mosque building project and you will receive continuous reward (sadaqah jariyah) as duas made there are attributed to you and your family.

Remember that giving in the way of Allah (swt) never diminishes your wealth, it in fact purifies and increases it. As Allah (swt) has informed us: ‘And whatsoever you spend of anything (in Allah’s cause) He will replace it. He is the best of those who grant sustenance.’ [Al-Qur’an 34:39]

You may donate as per your means for the building of an entire mosque or use the Quick Donate option to donate whatever amount you can towards the building of a mosque, to win his favour.

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