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For almost 2.5 million children in Pakistan, the beauty of life that we, with the gift of vision can appreciate, is shrouded in darkness. Millions of poor children are handicapped by blindness.

They cant go to school, they cant work to help their families and they are often cast away by society. What makes this fact even more tragic is that this can easily be prevented or cured. The sad fact is that 80% of blindness is curable. Cataracts - the most common cause of blindness can be cured by a simple operation costing on average £150.

Why Helping Them Is Essential

80% of blindness is actually curable if cataract operations can be funded

Those who are terminally blind can still be offered the hope of a brighter feature with brail education.

It gives blind orphans a sense of belonging and the hope of a brighter tomorrow.

Our Role

This year we want to give the gift of sight to 1000 poor blind children and provide the means for a better tomorrow.

We will help children who are incurably blind through the provision of brail western education and Islamic education with brail Qurans.

The heart of our initiative in Pakistani villages is ensuring that no child goes blind merely because they cannot afford the treatment. We will fund screening clinics and fund cataract operations and rehabilitation, based on the most immediate need so that as many poor children in Pakistan can be blessed with the gift of sight and be given a new lease on life.

Imagine for one minute the plight of blind children, helpless and frightened, vulnerable to unemployment, starvation, disease and being discriminated against by those in their village.

This Ramadan, help us change the lives of thousands of Pakistan's blind children and help them see the colours of life, and live with the dignity and opportunities that we all deserve.

This Ramadan, Make A Difference

With your generosity, it doesn’t have to be this way. Many common eye problems such as cataracts and waterborne infections that cause blindness can actually be remedied with simple surgery/medication.

Will you help restore one of the most precious and vital gifts in life to Pakistan's poorest children and orphans? And for those children that are terminally blind, help us provide them with specialist vocational skills and a brail education to lift from the margins of society and offer them the hope of a brighter future.

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