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Our Vision

Save An Orphan Global is a movement inspired by the belief that for the world’s poorest orphans, poverty and a life devoid of hope and opportunity isn't inevitable.
Save An Orphan

By working at an individual and community level, we aim to be a force for long term empowering change, to make the orphans that we support positive contributors to society.

Together we demand action at local, national and international level. We don’t walk away until we’ve achieved lasting change.

Your donations can transform lives. Make a change today

Our Mission

  •  To help increase economic self-reliance through village-level enterprise.
  • To provide community based healthcare through preventive and promotional measures as well as provide primary healthcare services.
  • To help strengthen local self-governance and promote social justice.
  • To improve education, promote literacy and values-based education.
  • To increase the capacity of women, men, youth and children to uplift their communities and themselves and fire their latent potential.
  •  To network and collaborate with strategic partners (Donors, institutions other NGO’s, governmental agencies and donors agencies to reinforce and promote our objective.
  • To fund on the ground needs such as water, food, education, homes, rehabilitation, medical care and disaster relief.
  •  To inspire a new generation of philanthropists, social entrepreneurs and givers who know that their time, resource and passions are being invested in a transparent, ethical and efficient way.

Your donations can transform lives. Make a change today

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Our Life Saving Appeals

Whether it's responding to emergencies or lifting people out of poverty around the world, we are always there to support those in need

Hafiz Ul Quran

Gain reward beyond measure: Help an orphan become Hafiz of the Holy Qur'an

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Mosque Appeal

Build a mosque in your name or that of a loved one and win Allah’s favour and a place in Jannah.

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Syria Appeal

This Ramadan, after six years of conflict, 5 million of some of the most vulnerable people on earth need your help more than ever

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Clean Water Appeal

Children in Pakistan, Iraq and Syria are dying because of a lack of clean water. Please donate generously to support our clean water appeal and provide the gift of life.

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Blind Children Appeal

Help Bring Light To Eyes That Only See Darkness

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Fruit Tree Appeal

Help Villages In Pakistan Become Sustainable

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Thalassaemia Appeal

Save the lives of thousands of innocent children with this highly prevalent blood disorder in Pakistan

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Our Work at a Glance

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We Feed Hungry Children

Millions of orphans in extreme poverty don’t get the food they need. We help by distributing food packets to the needy, by setting up community kitchens and bread banks and by giving communities the skills they need to grow sustainable food themselves.

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We Provide Aid in Emergencies & Natural Disasters

When disasters and natural emergencies strikes we provide grass roots help to rehabilitate orphans as well as setting up long term projects to help them rebuild their lives and prepare for future disasters

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We Provide Clean Water to Quench Their Thirst

Globally, over 50 million orphans are deprived of access to clean water, the biggest threat to their health and well-being. We install water hand pumps and water purification schemes and help provide orphans with access to clean drinking water.

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Empowering Lifes, Our Impact

Poverty is hunger, lack of shelter, is not having access to school, is fear for the future, is losing a child to illness brought about by unclean water.

'I love school where I can learn, laugh and play' Zeenat
'I helped plant a tree, now I have fruit all year' Nafisa
'With clean water I’m no longer ill all the time' Umerah
'I love my classes where I learn the Quran' Abdul
“i now have the right medicine to make me better” Mohamed
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