Building Sustainable Communities For A Better Future

We’re a pioneering charity leading a new movement not just to provide charitable aid, but to empower and create lasting change through building self sustaining local communities.

A Better Tomorrow Starts Here

Flexible and fast in our response to the long term needs of children in need, we focus on local projects and long terms solutions where other charities often don’t. From London to Syria, we have an active hand in helping create a better future for the children we support.

Responding Where The Need Is Greatest

We respond where the need is greatest, whether that means providing food, education, shelter or medical treatment. As a small charity, we’re able to respond swiftly and effectively, to create lasting, sustainable change.

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Creating Beacons Of Hope & Change

By putting our vision into action, volunteering time, energy, skills and raising funds, together with strategic partnerships with other charities, we are building an effective response to the needs of the most vulnerable children and their communities around the world, not only helping them, but empowering them to become beacons of hope and change for the communities in which they live.

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